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Narcissistic exes can make child custody difficult

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Child Custody |

Living in the same house as a narcissist is unbearable mainly because of their self-centered, manipulative ways. The issues you have with them are only likely to become magnified as you sit down to work out a settlement in your divorce. This is especially the case if you two must address child custody issues. 

Co-parenting with a narcissistic ex isn’t easy. It will take work on your part to ensure that the situation doesn’t cause you or your children undue stress. 

Keeping your emotions under control when discussing custody

A narcissist is going to do things to get under your skin. Instead of allowing that to happen, you should try to remain calm as long as you’re with them. Any instance in which they see how their antics are getting to you is like fuel on the fire. You can best keep your ex’s feelings that they’re more powerful than you in check by not reacting to their antics. 

Help your children cope with your split

Your children may have problems adjusting to your divorce. Your ex may say or do things that make them feel bad. You’ll have to find ways to reassure your kids and shield them from your co-parent’s narcissistic ways so that they continue to thrive. 

Keep proof of everything

Narcissistic individuals tend to twist the truth so that it fits their skewed perception of things. Keep documentation on everything that you do that is divorce-related, including any agreements that you make with them or receipts for purchases that you make.

Creating a parenting plan with your narcissistic co-parent

Anyone who’s co-parenting with a narcissist should ensure that they have a parenting plan in place to help govern what happens with the children. Your attorney can help you put such an agreement in writing.